Versioning Controlled Build

Last week I received a new laptop at work and since I hadn't upgraded to Visual Studio 2015 it was the prefect time to do so. After installing Visual Studio I reinstalled all my favorite extensions and tools. However one extension wasn't available, Versioning Controlled Build (it automates versioning of .NET projects​). This extension is fairly old and dates back to 2004 and has been upgraded since to work with all Visual Studio versions, except for Visual Studio 2015. I viewed the comments in de CodeProject article and saw many requests for a 2015 version dating back to July 2015. The reason why the add-in probably wasn't updated is because add-ins have been deprecated in Visual Studio 2015. The new way is to create a VSPackage (VSIX extension file). Shoot, such a nice tool, how am I gone manage my project versions now?

PDW Toggle Toolbars v1.2 (Based on Wordpress Hide Kitchen Sink)

PDW Toggle Toolbars is a TinyMCE plugin for showing and hiding toolbars in TinyMCE. It's based on the kitchen sink plugin that's available for Wordpress. The code is open source and is published on Github.

PDW File Browser for TinyMCE v1.3 beta

As the title suggests PDW File Browser for TinyMCE is a plugin for TinyMCE and CKEditor that offers a complete file browser for managing images and other files.